This is The Let’s Fish Hack Tool to Catch Fish with Cheat Engine Code

Let’s fish is one of addictive and popular game nowadays. Thousand and may be now million people reached playing this game day by day. For new beginner it is very hard to get much more resources faster except they buy on market shop with real money ofcourse, but for some other clever guy they search and find some kind of tricks how to get more resources for free or cheaper. And here is one of them;

Equipment used in Let’s Fish Hack Catch Fish with CE Code :

Cheat Engine 6.1 or 6.2

Your Browser (tested on firefox)

Steps in Let’s Fish Hack Catch Fish with CE Code :

Download nd Instal Cheat Engine
Log in to your facebook acccount
Open game Let’s Fish (Until loading is complete)
Open Cheat Engine
Select a process to open and select (FlasPlyerPlugin or plugincontainer.exe for Firefox) or (chrome.exe for google chrome)
Change value type to Array of byte

d0 30 f0 dd 03 d0 66 d0 13 12 3a 00 00 f0 df 03 d0 d0 d0

New Code

d0 60 9b 23 4f ed 13 01 f0 ff 03 47

New Code

d0 30 f0 2d 60 9a 03 d0 66 a1 02 2c 80 16

Then change value to this code:

d0 30 24 28 48 9a 03 d0 66 a1 02 2c 80 16

Actually there are lot of tricks method out there but almost all of them didn’t work, may be because this game update more often. But for your sure to try those code before late and patch by their maintainance team. Happy fishing 😀